IPLFM21A - 3/8" 6Pt Flank Drive Deep Swivel Impact Socket 21mm

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  • Features
  • Welded pivot pin reinforces socket wall and allows full 30° of uninterrupted, smooth action for efficient power transfer at any angle with no loss in torque output
    Pin collar eliminated with new proprietary pin welding process
    Flank Drive® wrenching system delivers up to 20% more turning power without slipping or rounding while exceeding ANSI® performance standards
    30° uninterrupted swivel action, means greater accessibility in tight quarters, which allows easier and faster removal of stubborn fasteners


Dimension E, Hex Depth, mm12.4
Dimension C, Bolt Clearance Depth, mm    45.2            
Country Of OriginUSA
Dimension D, Assembly Length, mm92.2
Dimension A, Hex OD, mm29.2
Dimension B, Square Drive OD, mm26.0
Size, mm21