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A1310B27 - Extra-Long Handle Driver

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  • Features
  • Driver works in tandem with Snap-on® A1310B, and A1310SB bearing and seal drivers, as well as all BJP1 Cups with the A1310SB-BJP1 adaptor
    The driver handle features a broad steel striking cap that protects your hand from off center strikes
    The driver retains the disks without a fastener, making it quicker to use and no screw to lose or break
    At 25.9" (19.3" exposed) the additional length allows access in places other bearing and seal drivers just can’t go
    Bar is made of heat treated alloy steel

Specifications :

Dimension A, Length, inches25-29/32
Country Of OriginUSA
Dimension B, Exposed Bar Length, inches     19-19/64