CTG761AU1-WO - 14.4V Cordless MicroLithium Cordless Industrial Grade Infrared Temperature Gun Kit

R 5 127,85 incl vat
  • Features

    Ergonomic design features a comfort grip equally comfortable for both right and left-handed users
    Wide temperature range of -58 -1,832 °F
    Most advanced features of any professional infrared gun
    Single-button trigger makes it effortless to control
    Powered by 14.4 V Microlithium battery and charger (not included)
    Interchangeable with our 7.2 V cordless tools and eliminates the need for extra chargers and back-up batteries
    Optional Contact K-type thermocouple probe, adds to the flexibility of measuring temperatures in confined spaces, including liquid temperatures
    Range of -58-1,832 ° F (-50-1,000 °C)
    Accurate to -±2% or -± 2 °C or -±3 °F whichever is greater
    Dual Laser Pointer to indicate the edges of the temp circle
    High contrast large display is even visible in bright sunlight
    Adjustable emissivity from 0.3-1.00
    Record with Min, Max and continual scan
    Seven Year Warranty
    Kit Includes : Tool, 1 x Battery (CTB8174), Charger (CTCEU772A) and Tote Bag (CTUTOTEABK)


Emissivity0.30–0.99 Adjustable
Spectral Response7–14 um
K Type Range (Thermocouple) (Optional)-200–1,300 °C
IR Resolution< 1,000 °C/°F; 0.1 °C/°F; > 1,000 °C/°F; 1 °C/°F
AlarmAlarm On/Off and High/Low
Tool OnlyCTG761ADB
Ambient Operating Range0–50 °C (32–120 °F)
K Type Resolution (Thermocouple) (Optional)-99 °C/°F to 999 °C/°F : 0.1 °C/°F Other : 1 °C/°F
Battery TypeSnap-on® Battery Pack (Lithium Ion) 7.2 V/14.4 V
Country Of OriginKOR
Storage Temperature-10–70 °C (14–158 °F) without battery
IR Accuracy0–560 °C : ±2% or 2 °C : -18–0 °C : 3 °C -50– -18 °C : 5 °C 560–1,000 °C : ±2% ±3dig
IR Repeatability (+23 Ems=0.95)±2% or ±2 °C
K Type Accuracy (Thermocouple) (Optional)0.5% of Reading ±1 °C
Display HoldLast reading and operating mode display for 10 sec nominal upon trigger release
Relative Humidity10–80% RH non-condensing
Distance To Spot Size12:1 (90% energy covered)
IR Range-50–1,000 °C (-58–1,832 °F)
Battery Life After Continuous Use (Approximate), hours30
Response Time500 mSec