XXJUN120 BUILD THE BEST... 3pc Plier Set Supplied in foam insert with Set Expansion options

Manufacturer part number: 57AHLP + 96ACF + 85ACF+ INS.309SH42D
R 4 505,70 incl vat

R 2 254,00 incl vat
  • 175mm Lineman’s Combination Pliers (57AHLP)
  • Machined cutter heads for perfectly matched blades
  • Induction-hardened head for extra strength & durability
  • Gripper teeth behind the head. Useful crushing area
  • Cushion grips provide comfort, control & power
  • Natural steel finish has tough, protective clear coating to help protect against corrosion
  • 200mm Talon GripTM Long Nose Plier (96ACF)
  • Talon Grip™ provides up to 57% increase in pulling power
  • Perfectly aligned jaw tips feature machined teeth
  • Rounded jaw edges minimize wire nicks
  • Machined, hardened teeth
  • Ramped tips for better accessibility
  • Manufactured from special cold forged steel
  • Longer contoured handle with new joint location provides higher leverage and increased comfort
  • 175mm Vector EdgeTM Side Cutters (87ACF)
  • VectorEdge induction-hardened, parallel cutting edges engineered to provide repeated cuts of hard & soft wire, spring steel & cable ties at all locations along the blades
  • Cold forged alloy steel ensures strength & durability
  • Differential heat treatment produces strength and durability in specific locations to handle tough cuts
  • Cushioned plastisol handles for comfort & leverage to reduce fatigue
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