XXJUN202 - Low Profile Hi Leverage Pitman Arm Puller

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Manufacturer part number: PAR6880
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Fits inside confined spaces and eliminates the need to remove the steering gearbox

  • Enables technician to work safely & more efficiently
  • Manufactured with forged chromoly steel construction

Quickly and easily remove the Pitman Arm from the steering gearbox equipped on most GM®, Ford®, Jeep®, Dodge®, Nissan®, Toyota® trucks and SUVs including model years 1988-2000 (and later), as well as most vehicles with C and K chassis using a steering gearbox/pitman arm setup in tight access areas. Although designed to remove the pitman arm on GM® trucks while the steering box
is mounted in the vehicle, this tool will also work on many other vehicles equipped with a worm and sector type steering gear.