XXJUN271 1/4 & 3/8 111pc IMPERIAL Equivalent Portable All-Weather Composite Tool Chest Includes Collectible Funny Car Replica

R 63 918,15 incl vat

R 56 338,50 incl vat
  • Tool Set Options in foam with Tool Chest colour of choice
  • Includes Special Edition Snap-on/Cruz Pedregon 1:24 Scale NHRA, Drag Racing, Collectible Funny Car replica
  • Set Includes
  • Sockets & Accessories 71pc
  • Pliers & Cutter Set 8pc
  • Wrench Set 22pc
  • Screwdrivers & Light 10pc
  • Telescoping trolley handle with high reach
  • Drawers fully extend on composite slides
  • Over-top hinged lid can be used as a seat when case is open
  • Drawers fully extend on Snap-on proprietary composite slides
  • Heavy-duty butterfly hinges
  • Auto pressure equalization valve
  • Large side handles that can be gripped with two hands
  • Heavy-duty roll cage ribs
  • Stackable design even when fully loaded
  • Snap-in padlock holder
  • Water-resistant to one meter
  • Durable, shock-resistant material
  • Urethane casters for smooth rolling