XXNOV138 18V MonsterLithiumTM Cordless Band File Sander Tool + 5.0AmpH Battery Pack

R 13 211,20 incl vat

R 11 488,50 incl vat
  • Tool + 5.0AmpH Battery Pack
  • Belt Speed - 8000rpm
  • For grinding, burnishing and deburring in hard-to-access areas
  • Head rotates 270° for flexibility
  • Features a tool-free adjustable belt guide and cover for easy belt changes
  • Includes 1/4–1/2" contour sanding arm
  • Accepts 18" (450mm) belt
  • Motor screen helps keep debris out of the motor
  • Anti-vibration handle helps reduce fatigue
  • Detachable dust filter protects motor from coarse particles
  • OSHA®-compliant switch for added safety