XXSEP113 Mini Electronic Stethoscope Includes FACE MASK

Manufacturer part number: YA6910 +MASK-SO3F
R 2 132,10 incl vat

R 1 696,25 incl vat
  • Pinpoints location of noise caused by bad bearings, bushings, dirty fuel injectors, wind and air leaks, noisy valves & lifters
  • Monitor gears, bearings and suspension components under load so problems can be more accurately diagnosed
  • Sensor clamp helps to detect noises during vehicle test drive that cannot be duplicated in the work bay
  • Sensor tip mounted on a 150mm flexible shaft
  • 125mm inductive metal probe allows user to pinpoint source of noise or vibration
  • Ultra-sensitive microphone provides a full range of sound
  • Features a rotary-style adjustable volume control