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Picture of 5095 Impact 1in D handle
7 in stock
R 20 432,97Incl VAT R 13 894,42Incl VAT
Picture of 5095L Imp1in D/handle 6in Anvil
7 in stock
R 24 500,90Incl VAT R 16 660,61Incl VAT
Picture of 5273A - Hammer 10mm 3200 BPM
4 in stock
R 1 768,47Incl VAT R 1 414,78Incl VAT
Picture of AT1212A NEEDLE SCALER
2 in stock
R 2 212,60Incl VAT R 1 770,08Incl VAT
Picture of AT2050 - Med-Duty Air Hammer
2 in stock
R 4 513,70Incl VAT R 3 610,97Incl VAT
Picture of MG1250L - 3/4  IMP Wrench 3in Anvil
1 in stock
R 17 876,92Incl VAT R 14 301,54Incl VAT
Picture of MG325 3/8in Imp Gun Magnesium
2 in stock
R 8 495,50Incl VAT R 6 796,40Incl VAT
Picture of PT200A Die-Grinder
2 in stock
R 4 955,34Incl VAT R 3 369,63Incl VAT
Picture of PT250A Cut off Tool
1 in stock
R 4 831,44Incl VAT R 3 865,15Incl VAT
2 in stock
R 5 380,16Incl VAT R 3 658,51Incl VAT
Picture of PT450 Angle Grinder 4-1/2in
2 in stock
R 7 190,23Incl VAT R 4 889,35Incl VAT
Picture of PTC490 Heavy Duty Cut off Tool
1 in stock
R 7 568,31Incl VAT R 6 054,65Incl VAT