As vehicle makers continue to reduce weight through high-strength alloys, aluminum, engineered composites and other materials, accurate torque is more critical than ever. With +/- 2% accuracy, our torque and angle applications provide the precision tolerances these materials demand.


With features like progressive LEDs, large backlit LCD panels, multiple measurement and alert modes, and much more, our TechAngle® electronic torque wrenches off er the most advanced, most versatile performance available. For simpler needs, our mechanical torque wrenches are highly accurate, compact and reliable no matter what the drive size, length, head articulation or measurement scale. Our TQ Series split-beam wrenches provide unbeatable comfort, durability and quick, easy-to-set torque adjustment. Plus, all of our torque wrenches feature Dual 80® Technology for a smaller ratcheting arc and maximum turning power.

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