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R 18 915,64Incl VAT
R 15 327,44Incl VAT
21pc Imperial Spanner Set - Aviation
Set contai... (MOD.408SH45S)
R 14 851,08Incl VAT
R 14 227,36Incl VAT
R 12 861,66Incl VAT
R 12 538,45Incl VAT
R 12 050,70Incl VAT
R 11 256,87Incl VAT
R 10 801,36Incl VAT
R 9 294,62Incl VAT
R 8 089,94Incl VAT
Snap-on 4pc Shifter Set
Set contai... (MOD.374SH45S)
R 6 844,12Incl VAT
R 6 785,00Incl VAT
R 4 979,50Incl VAT
R 3 586,04Incl VAT
R 2 761,61Incl VAT
R 2 261,70Incl VAT R 1 943,50Incl VAT
Blue-Point 5pc Metric Open End Spanner Set
Set contai... (MOD.767SH45SM)
R 1 631,85Incl VAT
R 1 374,57Incl VAT
Picture of 11pc Metric  Stubby Combination & Pipe Spanner Set
R 1 450,87Incl VAT R 1 299,50Incl VAT
Picture of 5pc Metric Stubby Pipe Spanner Set
Williams 5pc Metric Stubby Pipe Spanner Set
Set contai... (MOD.792SH45S5P)
R 1 049,62Incl VAT R 943,00Incl VAT