Whether you’re looking for finesse or power — or both — our hammers, punches and chisels are made to deliver  powerful blows without punishing your hands and arms. They’re available in both hard and soft grips and feature special energy-absorbing material for maximum comfort.


We not only off er the largest range of striking tools, we off er the best construction. Snap-on® punches and chisels are made from heat-treated steel for maximum strength and performance, with heads that are machined to direct the striking force to the center of the tool head. This controls mushrooming, allows slow metal displacement and reduces chipping and splitting. Our standard, dead blow and ball peen hammers feature a free fl owing shot that improves dead blow action and delivers concentrated blows while reducing rebound. Their composite handles are also designed to reduce vibration, prevent slippage and withstand the rigors of any shop environment.

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1658C Pinch Bar
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