More comfortable. More durable. More productive. 

It takes actual hands to make hand tools this special. Creating the world’s most innovative, durable hand tools requires more than the fi nest raw materials. It also takes the fi nest raw talent. At Snap-on®, our manufacturing specialists take their jobs as seriously as you do. If each tool passes their muster, you can be assured that it’ll pass yours, too.

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XXSEP101 Advanced Wireless Digital Video Borescope

R 25288.5 Incl Vat R 21 838,50 incl vat

XXSEP102 Digital Video Borescope

R 16387.5 Incl Vat R 13 558,50 incl vat

XXSEP110 Articulating Imager (5.5mm)

R 14938.5 Incl Vat R 12 638,50 incl vat

XXSEP114 Electronic Engine Stethoscope Includes TORCH

R 5365.9 Incl Vat R 4 243,50 incl vat

XXSEP108 Flexible Wire Insertion Kit (3pc) Includes CAP

R 2075.75 Incl Vat R 1 529,50 incl vat