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Picture of CAG6850DBKIT - Cdless Adh Gun  Tool Only
7 in stock
R 3 796,14Incl VAT R 2 581,37Incl VAT
Picture of CDR4450DB - 14.4V1/2inDrillBodyOnly
2 in stock
R 5 623,62Incl VAT R 3 824,06Incl VAT
Picture of CT4418DB 18V Ni-Cad Imp 3/8  Tool Only
5 in stock
R 6 827,26Incl VAT R 4 642,54Incl VAT
Picture of CT595DB 96v Ni-Cad Cordless Impact 1/4 Tool Only
3 in stock
R 4 064,92Incl VAT R 2 058,50Incl VAT
Picture of CT596DB 9.6V Imp Tool Only 3/8
1 in stock
R 3 610,11Incl VAT R 2 454,88Incl VAT
Picture of CT8810AHVDB 18V Impact 3/8   Tool Only HV
1 in stock
R 7 521,68Incl VAT R 5 114,74Incl VAT
Picture of CTB3092 9.6 Ni-cad Battery Pack
1 in stock
R 3 841,28Incl VAT R 2 612,06Incl VAT
Picture of CTB312 12V Battery
2 in stock
R 3 702,39Incl VAT R 2 517,63Incl VAT
Picture of CTB5196 9.6V NI-CAD Battery
6 in stock
R 1 086,76Incl VAT R 739,00Incl VAT
Picture of CTBA418 Adaptor Tower/Slide On
2 in stock
R 716,40Incl VAT R 572,70Incl VAT
Picture of CTCFE420 - 220v Charger for 9.6 - 18v Post Batteries
8 in stock
R 3 433,07Incl VAT R 2 334,49Incl VAT
Picture of CTG761DB 14.4V Thermometer Tool only
1 in stock
R 4 008,37Incl VAT R 2 725,70Incl VAT
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