Our wrenches perform better over the long haul than other wrenches because they’re made better - with special alloy steel, precision forging and heat treatment for maximum strength and durability. Nickel-chrome finishing for corrosion protection and easy cleanup. Plus longer handles for more leverage and greater access.


Our entire line of wrenches is packed with exclusive features. The Flank Drive® Plus profi le on the open end "bites" into the fastener to minimize risk of slipping and delivers up to 62% more turning power. Our Flank Drive® box-end wrenches perform better too, with a 7.5° rotation away from the handle, allowing you to fl ip them for a better grip in tight spots. They also feature a 15° angle for knuckle clearance and even greater accessibility. And with up to 80 gear teeth and reversible dual pawls, our reverse ratcheting box-end wrenches provide smoother operation and maximum power.