XXJUN235 Punch & Chisel Set (11pc) Supplied in Foam Insert Includes INSTINCT Handle Inspired Bakeware Kit

Manufacturer part number: PPC710BK + CRN2681-0-EA + INS.145SH45S
R8 423,75 incl vat

R4 945,00 incl vat
  • Set Includes: 3 x pin punches, 3 x starter punches, 3 x flat chisels, 1 x center punch & a chisel gauge
  • The anvil end on heads of Snap-on® punches & chisels are machined to a modified parabolic curve
  • This design directs the striking force to the center of the tool to allow slow metal displacement
  • The parabolic curve controls mushrooming to reduce chipping and splitting
  • Heads should be redressed to their original shape with hand files as necessary
  • The tough alloy steel is machined and differentially heat-treated for optimum performance
  • The hardness of the striking head is reduced to help toughness and add qualities that result in a slower mushrooming of the striking surface