415CP - Long-Neck 35° Bent Needle Nose Pliers 14-3/8" (365mm)

SKU: 415CP
R3 033,53 incl vat
  • Features
  • Long, slim jaws and flush-riveted joints for increased reach into recessed areas
  • Ideal for electric and electronic work, holding pins or small components
  • Talon Grip™ provide up to 57% increase in pulling power, with a relocated joint, optimized handle shape and diamond-serrated jaws
  • Perfectly aligned jaw tips feature machined rather than stamped teeth for precise gripping strength with positive control
  • Natural steel finish with clear coating helps protect against corrosion
  • Vinyl grips provide comfort and control
  • Specifications :
  • Length 14-3/8" (365mm)
    Country of Origin USA
    Jaw Flat Length, 2-7/8" (73mm)
    Description (Chart) 15" Long Reach 35° Bent Needle Nose Pliers