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Picture of  XXDEC108 - 3/8" Drive Standard Torque Adaptor Set - 8pc Includes Cap
In stock: 4
R 4 928,69Incl VAT R 3 967,50Incl VAT
Picture of  XXMAY204 1/4" Drive Flex-Head Techwrench® Torque Wrench with 100th Anniversary Zippo Lighter
In stock: 2
R 11 931,25Incl VAT R 9 660,00Incl VAT
Picture of 7452P-20 - 4 -20Nm pre-set torque wrench
In stock: 1
R 3 423,71Incl VAT R 2 738,97Incl VAT
Picture of ATECHMS80F ATECH Micro Screwdriver 80 In Lb
In stock: 1
R 13 857,44Incl VAT R 11 086,00Incl VAT
Picture of MOD.244WH45S Torque Wrench+ Multimeter
In stock: 1
R 9 374,97Incl VAT R 5 234,80Incl VAT
In stock: 2
R 1 933,78Incl VAT R 869,40Incl VAT
Picture of QXSD24A Square Dr Torque Span Hd
In stock: 1
R 8 644,14Incl VAT R 6 914,95Incl VAT
Picture of TECH1R240 - 1/4" Drive Fixed-Head Techwrench® Torque Wrench (1–20 ft-lb)
In stock: 1
R 10 830,24Incl VAT R 8 664,19Incl VAT
Picture of TECH3X250 TechSpan Inter Shank
In stock: 5
R 11 431,92Incl VAT R 9 145,95Incl VAT
Picture of TER12A TORQOMETER®, U.S./Newton Meter Basic
In stock: 2
R 7 260,27Incl VAT R 5 808,21Incl VAT
Picture of TESI250FU - TORQOMETER® Newton Meter Follow-up
In stock: 2
R 8 904,86Incl VAT R 7 123,89Incl VAT
Picture of TESI60FU - TORQOMETER® Newton Meter Follow-up
In stock: 3
R 8 142,74Incl VAT R 6 514,19Incl VAT
Picture of WILTM-750LW Torq Multiplier 1000 Ft-L
In stock: 1
R 22 765,09Incl VAT R 18 212,55Incl VAT