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Picture of B2191 - Socket Pentagon 1/2 in head depth 5-Point
In stock: 1
R 388,42Incl VAT R 301,32Incl VAT
Picture of BLPTL1255TP Socket Driver Torx(R) Tamper Resistant Long T55
In stock: 1
R 157,44Incl VAT R 118,08Incl VAT
Picture of BLPTL1260TP Socket Driver Torx(R) Tamper Resistant Long T60
In stock: 2
R 197,95Incl VAT R 148,46Incl VAT
Picture of BPR703 - Standard Handle Quick-Release Combination Ratchet Set; 3Pc
In stock: 1
R 2 714,00Incl VAT R 2 171,20Incl VAT
Picture of GAX5 - Adaptor Extension 1/2 in Internal drive x 3/8 in E
In stock: 1
R 973,42Incl VAT R 755,14Incl VAT
Picture of GTS341 - 1/2" Drive 6-Point SAE 1-1/16" Flank Drive® Deep Socket
In stock: 1
R 749,06Incl VAT R 599,25Incl VAT
Picture of GTS401 - 1/2" Drive 6-Point SAE 1-1/4" Flank Drive® Deep Socket
In stock: 1
R 998,75Incl VAT R 799,00Incl VAT
Picture of IM160A 1/2in-6Pt Sh 1/2in
In stock: 3
R 257,36Incl VAT R 205,85Incl VAT
Picture of IM482 Skt Impact Sh 1 1/2 6pt
In stock: 2
R 738,79Incl VAT R 591,10Incl VAT
Picture of IM562 Skt Impact Sh 1 3/4 6pt
In stock: 2
R 923,67Incl VAT R 739,45Incl VAT
Picture of IM62B Ext Imp 7in
In stock: 1
R 2 847,10Incl VAT R 2 278,15Incl VAT
Picture of IMDM150A 1/2in Dr. 12Pt Sh -15mm
In stock: 10
R 243,64Incl VAT R 194,35Incl VAT
Picture of IMDM410 1/2IN DR 12PT 41MM SHALL
In stock: 1
R 770,78Incl VAT R 616,40Incl VAT
Picture of IMFS220 1/2 Skt Sh ThWall 6Pt 11/16
In stock: 1
R 362,53Incl VAT R 289,80Incl VAT
Picture of IMFS320 1/2 Skt Sh ThWall 6Pt 1In
In stock: 1
R 489,90Incl VAT R 392,15Incl VAT
Picture of IMXL102 Ext Imp Lock 10in
In stock: 1
R 2 117,61Incl VAT R 1 693,95Incl VAT
Picture of IPL24C Skt 1/2 ImpSwvlSh6 3/4
In stock: 1
R 1 186,89Incl VAT R 949,90Incl VAT
Picture of IPL30C Skt 1/2 ImpSwvlSh6 15/16
In stock: 3
R 1 315,37Incl VAT R 1 052,25Incl VAT
Picture of IPLM10C - 1/2 Socket Shallow Impact Swivel 6Pt 10mm
In stock: 4
R 1 170,80Incl VAT R 936,10Incl VAT
Picture of IPLM19C - 1/2 Socket Shallow Impact Swivel 6Pt 19mm
In stock: 1
R 1 376,29Incl VAT R 1 100,55Incl VAT
Picture of IPLM21C - 1/2 Socket Shallow Impact Swivel 6Pt 21mm
In stock: 8
R 1 452,01Incl VAT R 1 161,50Incl VAT
Picture of PS10 - 1/2" Drive 10" Lock Button Power Extension
In stock: 2
R 1 146,33Incl VAT R 917,07Incl VAT
Picture of S6194 Skt Head Bolt 12 mm
In stock: 1
R 731,58Incl VAT R 585,35Incl VAT
Picture of SAM19E - 1/2 Hex Bit Socket Driver 19mm
In stock: 2
R 1 178,34Incl VAT R 942,68Incl VAT