The world’s only Tool Storage equipped to hold the Snap-on nameplate. Breadth of choices. Customization. Innovation.

All things that make Snap-on® tool storage systems far and away the industry’s most coveted. Wherever you work, whatever point of your career, Snap-on has the tool storage and innovative features that are right for you.

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Picture of 12MSKTHBLK 1/2" Drive Metric/ SAE Magnetic Socket Holder (Black)
1 in stock
R 1 087,58Incl VAT R 870,06Incl VAT
Picture of 12MSWHLDRMagnetic 1/2" Socket/ Wrench Holder (Black)
3 in stock
R 1 317,35Incl VAT R 1 053,87Incl VAT
Picture of HIM272000000 Case No Foam 300x500x625
1 in stock
R 12 380,07Incl VAT R 9 903,80Incl VAT
Picture of HIM310000000 Case No Foam 170x420x1010
1 in stock
R 12 002,94Incl VAT R 9 602,50Incl VAT
Picture of KAC4007PC RCab Cover 2007/2006-Black
1 in stock
R 4 142,54Incl VAT R 3 314,30Incl VAT
Picture of KACHMRD Magnetic Cell Phone Holder (Red)
1 in stock
R 576,98Incl VAT R 432,73Incl VAT
Picture of KASKT5RD
1 in stock
R 2 379,40Incl VAT R 1 903,51Incl VAT
Picture of KRP1001A - Tool Tote
3 in stock
R 850,77Incl VAT R 680,80Incl VAT
4 in stock
R 23 846,40Incl VAT R 9 651,95Incl VAT
Picture of KRW185 - Box Metal 5 Drawers
1 in stock
R 4 329,89Incl VAT R 3 463,92Incl VAT
Picture of KTA3A Metal Tray 80x200x515mm
2 in stock
R 2 337,90Incl VAT R 1 869,90Incl VAT
1 in stock
R 7 326,65Incl VAT R 5 861,55Incl VAT