PBHC60 - Heavy-Duty Double 60" Prybar

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  • Features
  • Prybars feature a rubber grip that eliminates contact with rust and damaged surfaces and protects the bar from damage during transit
    Grip offers a nonslip surface that provides a secure gripping surface/leverage when hands are wet, sweaty or oil-covered
    Applications: Heavy-duty truck, salvage, large equipment (agriculture, road construction, mining), railroad, shipyards, utilities, manufacturing and general industry
  • Specifications
    Size1" Hex
    Country Of Origin    USA
    Tip Style1-1/8" Straight Chisel, 2" Offset Chisel      
    Weight, lb14.25
    Length, inches60
    Weight, lb (kg)14.25 (6.4)
    FinishPaint (Black)
    MaterialHigh Carbon Steel