A1310LHB - Aluminum Large Bearing and Seal Driver Set; 7Pc

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  • Features
  • Includes popular sizes of 3-43/64, 4-13/16, 4-7/8, 5-1/2, 5-25/32 and 6", plus a heavy-duty striking handle in a convenient storage case with internal size markings
  • Exclusive Snap-on® detent attachment system that eliminates the hassle of threaded fasteners
  • Logo, part number and safety information roll-stamped into the edge of each disk
  • Each disk has a dual face—tapered side for bearings and flat side for seals
  • Aluminum disks are ideal for use with aluminum and other softer metal components and parts
  • Disks can be used with arbor presses
  • Includes storage case