ATECHMS100F - 1/4" Hex Electronic Screwdriver (Tool Only)

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  • Features
  • Multi-sensory indicators: visual, audible and tactile
    Three modes of operation: Torque, Angle, Torque Then Angle
    360° viewable progressive LED lights
    Low-profile recessed membrane keypad
    Durable composite tri-lobe hinge grip for better finger control; won’t roll off uneven surfaces
    PSET and data storage
    - 10 PSETs; Stores up to 50 records
    - Data queue (newest overrides oldest)
    Displays in seven languages
    Extreme drop protection
    Capable of measuring torque and angle
    Plastic storage case included
  • Specifications
    Country Of Origin   USA
    Length, inches7-1/2
    Increments.01 in-lb
    Range5–100 in-oz