CJ2000S-WF - Multi Purpose Interchangeable Puller Set with Display Board

R64 883,00 incl vat
  • Set Breakdown :
  • VE200A - Display Board
  • MOD.816SH45L - Interchangeable Puller Set CJ2004
  • CJ2004 - Interchangeable Puller Set
    For use on bearings, bearing races, gears, bushing retainers and more
    Combine to create 12 different pullers
    Two- and three-jaw capability with three sets of jaws
    All jaws reverse for inside and outside pulls
    Pulling capacity: 4-1/2 ton (short jaws), 6-1/2 ton (medium jaws), 8 ton (large jaws)
  • MOD.818SH45S - Interchangeable Puller Set CJ2002
  • CJ2002 - Gear Puller Set
    For use on Pitman arms, timing gears, carrier side bearings and more
    Combine to create 10 different pullers
    6-10-ton capacity depending on yoke and jaws used
  • MOD.817SH45S - Interchangeable Puller Set CJ2001P
  • CJ2001P - Bolt Grip Puller Set
    Services steering wheels, flywheels, pulleys and gears with tapped holes
    Includes a four-position two- and three-way yoke, three different pressure screw tips, and an assortment of SAE and metric bolts in a storage case
    Approximate spread to bolt is 1-1/4-3-13/16"
  • MOD.819SH45L - Interchangeable Puller Set CJ2003A and CJ2005
  • CJ2003A - Rear Axle Puller Set
    Slide hammer power pulls many flange-type rear axles and axle bearings
    Includes CJ123-1 Axle Yoke, ME4A8 Lock Nut (3/4"), CJ127A Bearing Adaptor, CJ66-19 Bearing Hook and CJ128A Bearing Adaptor
    CJ2005 - Master Interchangeable Puller Set