CTM2000 - 18V 1" Drive Heavy-Duty Cordless Torque Multiplier (2,000 ft-lb)

SKU: CTM2000
R 241 488,50 incl vat
  • Features

    18 V, 5.0 Ah battery for powerful fastening performance; automatic two-speed operation for fast rundown and accurate final torque
    Provides torque within +/- 3% of target; store application results for up to 12 different users; audit mode performs checks on pre-tightened bolts
    Secondary "safe-to-start" trigger keeps finger away from pinch points at tool startup; once the tool is running, the operator can relocate their hands
    Intelligent joint sensing technology continually measures the joint during tightening and—when necessary—dynamically brakes to avoid torque over-shoot
    Two-way communication via Bluetooth® or USB cable streams tool data live or can download up to 3,000 event readings; PC software included
    The new CTM is designed to offer outstanding performance while minimizing the traditional overheating problem of battery-operated tools—under the same conditions, the CTM will continue to work while most competitors have to be stopped to cool


Drive Size, inches1
Torque Range, ft-lb295–2,000         
Country Of OriginGBR
Tool Weight, lb (kg)      3.09 (1.4)
Torque Range, Nm680–2,700
Output Speed, RPM13