DX146A - Heavy-Duty Straight Handle Slugging Wrench 12Pt 1-7/16"

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  • Features
  • Striking face wrenches are designed to be struck by a hammer on the anvil area in order to loosen frozen fasteners or to tighten and set fasteners
  • Anvils are proportional to hex opening sizes
  • Special heat treatment provides maximum durability for long life
  • Straight handle design resists springing while allowing the fastener to turn easily
  • Specifications :
  • Dimension C, Overall Length, inches7-41/64
    Size, inches1-7/16
    Country Of OriginUSA
    Size, mm36
    FinishIndustrial Finish
    Dimension A, Head Depth, inches61/64
    Dimension B, Head Dia., inches2-17/64