EEBC500B-WO - Battery Charger Plus

R 26 438,50 incl vat
  • Features
  • ADAPTIVE: Performs a unique charge cycle for each lead-acid battery type: standard, AGM, GEL, EFB, deep cycle now with a 12 V Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) mode
  • PLUS: exclusive flash reprogram power supply maintains consistent OEM-specified voltage up to 100 A for three minutes
  • VERSATILE: charges lead acid 6 and 12 V batteries and 24 V battery packs with a 4 A maintain rate, a 15 A fast rate or a 60 A boost mode; charges 12 V LiFePO4 batteries at 4 or 15 A
  • INTELLIGENT: Automatic microprocessor-controlled operation selects algorithm to optimize the cycle without overcharging
  • INFORMATIVE: In maintain and fast rates, the unit displays the vehicle battery voltage and percent of charge
  • STREAMLINED: Higher working-height handle helps relieve back strain with an excellent design that looks like no other charger
  • POWERFUL: 300 A engine start with a 20 second crank time at the 12 V setting
  • CONVENIENT: Upper and lower battery service tool storage trays
  • TOUGH: 10" foam-filled tires with a C-clip retention ride on a solid steel axle
  • Optional battery service kit 2005BSKA can be stored in the upper compartment
  • Note: The STD/Ca battery type selection is for Standard Lead Acid and some European vehicles use calcium batteries; both types operate with the same charge algorithm
  • Specifications
  • Foam-Filled Wheel Size, inches (mm)10 (254)
    Battery Type Charge CapabilityLead Acid flooded, AGM, STD, EFB. Calcium and LiFeP04
    DC Clamps500 A
    DC Lead TypeFixed
    Dimensions, L x W x H, inches20.4 x 16.5 x 30.5
    Input Voltage (rated), V AC120
    Country Of OriginMEX
    Rectifier8 SCR
    Warranty2 Year
    AC Cord Length, feet (meters)9 (3)
    Power Supply CordIncluded
    Crank Assist Duty Cycle1/36
    Outdoor UseYes (cULus)
    VentilationFan Cooled
    Output Currents A DC4/15 and 60A Boost
    Timer TypeDigital
    Continuous Input Current (Max), Amps14.6
    AC Circuit BreakerSelf-Resetting
    Crank Assist Rating, ADC300
    AC Cord Gauge14-3
    Weight, lb (kg)91.8 (41.6)
    DC Circuit BreakerSelf-Resetting
    Output Voltages V DC6/12/24
    DC Lead Length, feet (meters)7' 6" (2.3)
    DC Lead Gauge4 AWG