EECT449HD - Circuit Tester 4-49 V DC Interchangeable Shanks

R4 931,54 incl vat
  • Features
  • The three thread-on interchangeable choices are 6 and 12" stainless steel shanks, plus a 2" banana jack receiver to aid with accessibility needs for each job
  • 2" banana jack receiver can be used with non-intrusive modular circuit tester adaptors found in the optional MTTL550-KIT
  • Used to detect voltage, power, ground and circuit integrity on cars and trucks
  • LCD display provides a “no guess” voltage value of the circuit
  • Threaded probes and receiver create a firm, positive connection
  • Leaves one hand free to jiggle wires, replace fuse or operate a switch
  • Backlit daylight-readable LED indicates green for ground or red for power
  • Surge-protected circuitry displays 4-49.9 V DC (± 0.3 V accuracy)
  • Patented Instinct® clear handle for pure visibility, comfort and style
  • Superior flex wire glides past components and remains flexible in cold conditions
  • Computer safe*: <10mA circuit draw for confident testing
  • (*Not for Use on Air Bags)
  • Convenient, field replaceable digital display board and spring assembly
  • Specifications
  • Voltage24
    Operating Temperature0–120 °F (-18–50 °C)
    Replacement Cord AssemblyEECTCORD400R
    Length, inches (cm)11 (27.9), 17 (43.2)
    Replacement LED and Spring AssemblyEECT424LCD
    Computer SafeYes <10 mA (not for use on airbags)
    Replacement ClipEECTCLIPHD-R
    Description24 V Digital Display Circuit Tester (4–49 V DC Range)
    Handle Size/ColorInstinct®/Clear w/Red Print
    Terminal EndHeavy-Duty Copper Plated Clip
    PolarityBi-Directional with Color LED, Red and Green indicators
    Cord TypeCoil cord/Red Polyurethane
    Country Of OriginKOR
    Warranty1 Year (field repairable)
    Surge ProtectedSurge and high DC voltage
    Resolution0.1 V DC
    Accuracy± 0.3 Volt
    Outside Wire Diameter, inches (mm).16 (4)
    Cord ColorRed Coil Cord
    Weight, lb (kg)0.8 (22.7)
    Range4.0–49.9 V DC
    Stainless Steel Shank Length, inches (cm)6 (15.2), 12 (30.4)
    Cord Length, ft (m) – gauge13 (3.6) – 18
    DisplayLCD w/Backlight