EEDM525F - Enhanced Multimeter TRMS-Color

R12 063,50 incl vat
  • Features
  • Measures ohms, AC/DC volts, true-RMS AC, AC/DC amps, Hz frequency, capacitance and more to cover most automotive electrical needs
  • Larger 4" color display for easy reading and quick identification of symbols
    (note: The tradeoff for the large color display- unit is not recommended for use in sunlight)
  • CAT-III 1,000 V AC and CAT-IV 600 V AC hybrid safety ratings mean its safe to use on hybrids
  • Convenient test lead storage wrap with retention strap
  • Built-in tilt stand and optional strap hanger (EEDMMAGSTRAP) for easy viewing
  • Button Functions: Auto or manual range, record mode, hold/lock, duty cycle, low pass filter and second functions
  • 7-year warranty
  • COLOR LCD 4,000 count, 41 segment bar graph
  • Record mode stores min/max readings
  • Ability to manually select range or allow auto ranging
  • Select continuity buzzer or diode test (displays yellow)
  • OHMS measures resistance in plug wires, coils, sensors and continuity
  • DC mV 40 mV range w/0.01 mV high-resolution accurate low volt readings
  • DC V Measure up to 1,000 V, test circuits and sensors
  • TRUE RMS (AC) Root Mean Squared vs avg rectified, use for ABS wheel sensors
  • Hz/ DUTY CYLE Measure in percentage the on time of sensors
  • REL Relative mode factors out lead resistance for improved low-ohm measures or differential
  • HOLD Lock the reading in hard to reach location for later reference
  • LPF Activate Low Pass Filter to reduce AC noise
  • AC/DC Current Measure parasitic draw from battery with ignition off
  • Hz Frequency Measure the frequency of sensors and signals
  • CAP Measure the capacitance of condensers or capacitors
  • TEMP With *optional EEDMTEMP-1 K-type adapter measure °F and °C
  • Internal Fuse Test:
    Before you call the 800 number
    Set unit to diode test with FUNCTION button
    Plug the black test lead into red “VΩ” input
    Touch the prod end of black lead red “A” input
    If the meter reads “OL” fuse is blown, replace
    If there is a reading other than “OL” fuse is OK
  • Specifications
  • CapacitanceYes
    RPMEEDMRPMG (optional)
    Battery Life (Continuous Use), hours10
    Low Pass Filter (LPF)Yes
    Adjustable Trigger LevelNo
    TemperatureEEDMTEMP-1 (optional)
    AC Volts750
    Basic DC Accuracy, %0.005
    Power Supply9 V Lithium Battery (purchased locally)
    Micro AmpsYes
    Country Of OriginKOR
    Dimensions, inches4.7 x 7.7 x 1.6
    Noise Reduction CircuitNo
    mS Pulse WidthNo
    CAT RatingCATIII 750 V AC, CATIII 1,000 V DC, CATIV 600 V AC/DC
    BacklightAlways On
    Auto Shut-offYes
    Certificate of Calibration ModelEEDM525FCRT
    DC Amps10
    UL® ListedcULus 61010-1
    Glitch CaptureNo
    Insulation TestNo
    Analog Bar GraphYes
    Resistance, ohms40M
    Data HoldYes
    Nylon Pouch, Zipper CaseEEDM5F-POUCH, EEDM5F-CC (optional)
    Auto RangeYes
    Duty/DwellDuty Only
    True RMS (Root Mean Square)Yes
    AC Amps10
    Display Count4,000 Color
    Blown Fuse IdentifierYes
    Comp. Output (USB)No
    DC Volts1,000
    Easy Open Battery and Fuse DoorEEDM5F-DOOR
    Color ScreenYes