EEDM596FK - Advanced Multimeter TRMS-APP

R 18 172,55 incl vat
  • Features
  • Use in the following six quick steps: get the app, select unit of measure, connect leads to circuit, sync to remote device, take readings then diagnose, store and share results (mobile device sold separately)
  • Horizontal orientation is comfortable for button and dial operation
    115% larger color display for excellent viewing
  • Bluetooth® remote display allows for one-tech testing, such as brake lights (mobile device sold separately)
  • Stores customer information and test results, with the ability to share via email, text or social media (mobile device sold separately)
  • CAT-III 1,000 V / CAT-IV 600 V hybrid safety rated
  • Convenient test lead storage wrap with retention strap
  • Built-in tilt stand and optional strap hanger (EEDMMAGSTRAP) for easy viewing
  • LCD display: 40,000 count with 42-segment bar graph
  • REC: Record mode stores minimum, maximum and average readings over a measurement period
  • RANGE: manually select range or allow auto-ranging
  • FUNCTION: toggle between functions on Ohm, TEMP and IG modes
  • REL (Relative Mode): factor out lead resistance for improved low ohm measurements or compare readings to a known standard—can also be used for differential measurements
  • CYL (Cylinder): selects the number of cylinders in IG mode
  • HOLD: lock the reading on the display for hard to read locations or future reference
  • PEAK-H (Peak Hold): capture signals spikes as fast as one millisecond to diagnose intermittent events
  • Hz (Frequency): measure the frequency of sensors and signals
  • AC mV and DC mV Ranges: additional 40 millivolt DC range with 0.01 mV resolution for improved accuracy when performing low voltage measurements
  • DC V, AC V (DC Volts, AC Volts): measure the voltage of circuits, sensors and ABS wheel sensors
  • TEMP (Temperature): measure temperature with included temperature probe
  • AC/DC Current Functions: measure the parasitic draw from the battery
  • IP, IG (Automotive Functions): measure RPM, Duty, Dwell, mS pulse width, Frequency
  • AC/DC: manually select AC or DC measurement function
  • Quickly Test Condition of Internal Fuses: determine the status of the internal fuses before you open the battery/fuse compartment
  • Built-in Tilt Stand: tilt stand is built into the instrument housing, adding strength and integrity to the design
  • Capacitance: measure the capacitance of condensers or capacitors found in today's hybrid automobiles

  • Specifications :
  • CapacitanceYes
    Low Pass Filter (LPF)Yes
    Replacement FusesEEDMFUSE-7 and EEDMFUSE-8
    Adjustable Trigger LevelYes
    AC Volts750
    Battery Type9 Volt Lithium Metal (Not sold through Snap-on, purchase locally)
    Micro AmpsYes
    Country Of OriginKOR
    Dimensions, inches4.7 x 7.7 x 1.6
    Noise Reduction CircuitYes
    Case or Zipper Pouch (Included)    EEDM5F-CC
    Temperature, (Included)EEDMTEMP-1
    mS Pulse WidthYes
    CAT RatingCATIII 750 V AC, CATIII 1,000 V DC, CATIV 600 V AC/DC  
    BacklightAlways On
    Auto ShutoffYes
    Certificate of Calibration ModelEEDM596FKCRT†
    DC Amps10
    Peak Hold1 mS
    UL® ListedcULus 61010-1
    Insulation TestNo
    Analog Bar GraphYes
    Resistance, ohms40M
    Basic DC Accuracy0.1%
    Data HoldYes
    Auto RangeYes
    True RMS (Root Mean Square)Yes
    AC Amps10
    Display Count40,000
    Blown Fuse IdentifierYes
    Comp. Output (Bluetooth)Yes
    Display TypeColor Screen
    DC Volts1,000
    Easy Open Battery and Fuse DoorEEDM5F-DOOR
    Color ScreenYes