FCY72 - 3/8 Hi-Lok Compact Head Ratchet 4-5/8" long

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  • Features
  • Dual 80® Ratchet Technology features dual-pawls and a 72-tooth gear providing for more power in less lateral space
    Six teeth in full contact with gear to provide strength and durability
    A mere 5° ratcheting arc
    Sealed head helps keep dirt and other contaminants out of the head mechanism
    For use with standard or Hi-Lok® sockets
  • Specifications
    Joint Repair Kit
    Dimension C, Length, inches4-5/8
    Flex-Joint Repair Kit
    Repair KitRKRFCY72
    Replacement Coverplate
    Locking Mechanism Repair Kit
    Replacement Grip
    Country Of OriginUSA
    Gear Teeth72
    Description (Chart)Hi-Lok® Compact Head Ratchet    
    Swing Arc5
    Dimension B, Head Width, inches    15/16
    Square Drive, inches3/8
    Dimension A, Head Depth, inches7/16