FNF100 - 3/8" Drive 100-Tooth Round Swivel Head Ratchet 10-1/4" / 260mm

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  • Features
  • Swivel head offers a variety of ratcheting positions including “straight on” for use as a ratcheting nut driver
  • Round head is compact, enabling the user to get into tight quarters and features more gear teeth than the pear head design
  • Adjustable detent for swivel allows user to adjust for tighter or looser swivel
  • Increased tooth count means a lower swing arc, so there is shorter movement between each tooth engagement
  • Specifications :
  • Joint Repair Kit
    Dimension C, Length, inches10-1/4
    Repair KitRKRFHNF100
    Replacement Coverplate
    Locking Mechanism Repair Kit
    Replacement Grip
    Country Of OriginUSA
    Gear Teeth100
    Description (Chart)Round Swivel Head Ratchet
    Swing Arc3.6
    Dimension B, Head Width, inches1-3/4
    Square Drive, inches3/8
    Dimension A, Head Depth, inches11/16
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