JCWTANK - Heavy-Duty Off-Road Creeper (Red)

R 11 117,91 incl vat
  • Features
    Designed for use in the shop and the field
    Invaluable equipment for roadside service trucks, agricultural machinery repair, heavy-duty wreckers or construction equipment repair
    Unique wheel position allows user to swivel in place or change directions by simply leaning back on the headrest and pivoting on two wheels
    Solid 8" polyurethane wheels are puncture-proof and provide a smooth ride on any surface
    Extra-wide pad and tilted headrest offer superior comfort
    Custom fenders protect clothing from dirt and entanglement while working
    Maximum capacity: 396 lb / 180 kg
    Field repairable
    Weight: 35 lb / 16 kg
    Dimensions: 28"W x 40"L x 8-3/4"H
    8-1/4" x 2-2.5" solid core tires
    1-5/8" ground clearance