KADM21X72BK - Magnetic Parts/ Disassembly Tray (Black)

R1 583,02 incl vat
  • Features
  • Fits drawers 2" or deeper on EPIQ™, Masters, Classic, Heritage Series roll cabs or roll carts
  • Tray base is magnetic and sticks to anything metal—tray interior is also magnetic, securing metal tools and fasteners
  • Trays are branded Snap-on® and are made in the USA
  • Product is made of 35 mil impact-modified PVC
  • Dimensions are 21" (533mm) L x 7" (178mm) W x 1-1/2" (38mm) D; fit up to three trays in one wide EPIQ™ or Masters drawer
  • Tray has seven cavities, including a long cavity that can hold up to an 11" long extension; cavities are perfect to hold loose extensions, adaptors for power tools, and any other miscellaneous tools, hardware or fasteners
  • Country Of Origin - USA
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