KMC18062POR 18 All Weather Box 8Drw Orange

R 17 928,50 incl vat


• Eight drawers

• Orange

• Telescoping trolley handle with higher reach

• Over-top hinged lid can be used as a seat when case is open

• Drawers fully extend on Snap-on proprietary composite slides

• Usable Space Interior Dimensions: 15.4" H x 21.2" W x 11.9" D

• 4,130 in³ of internal space

• Heavy-duty butterfly hinges

• Auto pressure equalization valve

• Large side handles that may be gripped with two hands

• Configurable drawers

• Heavy-duty roll cage ribs

• Stackable design even when fully loaded

• Meets or exceeds applicable military standards

• Drawers interchangeable with other mobile tool chests

• Snap-in padlock holder with 250 lb of break-in resistance

• Water-resistant to one meter

• Durable, shock-resistant material

• Drawer dimensions

• Case material made with Zerust® corrosion inhibitor to help prevent tools from rusting


Internal Dimensions, inches (cm)21.2 W x 11.9 D x 15.4 H (53.8 W x 30.22 D x 39.1 H)
Operating Temperature-25–160 °F (-31–71.1 °C)
External Dimensions, inches (cm)         24 W x 15 D 18 H (61.0 W x 38.1 D x 45.7 H)
Country Of OriginUSA
WarrantyLifetime (Field Repairable)
Height, inches (cm)43 (109.2) when handle is extended
Water Resistance, ft (m)3.28 (1)
Load Capacity, lb (kg)150 (68)
Weight, lb (kg)60 (27.2) with drawers not loaded
Drawer Dim., inches (cm)19.3 W x 12.1 D x 1.1 H and 2.6 H (49 W x 30.7 D x 2.8 H and 6.6 H)         
Cubic inches (cm³)4,130 (67,679)
StackabiltyFour fully loaded toolchests at 150 lb (68 kg) of load