LP7WC - Locking Pliers with Cutter 7" / 175mm

R 1 590,30 incl vat
  • Features
  • Power Ring (patent pending) provides increased thread strength and greater clamping force up to 5,000 lb
  • Pinned and brazed upper jaw ensures a superior bond between the upper jaw and the pliers body, even under extreme use
  • Oversized adjustment screw with wide head provides a comfortable gripping surface, making adjustments easier on hands
  • Adjustment screw accepts a 5/16" hex key for added versatility while adjusting clamping pressure
  • Unique broaching technique creates the sharpest teeth
  • Smooth and polished trigger allows for easy release
  • Textured body and lever increase grip on the tool when working with dirty, oily hands
  • Bright nickel finish for classic look and feel
  • Made in the USA
  • Specifications
  • Dimension B, Length, inches (mm) - 7 (175)
  • Description (Chart) - Curved Jaw with cutter
  • Dimension A, Jaw Cap., inches (mm) - 1-1/2 (38.1)