MOD.471SH45S8 - Terminal Tool Set; 8Pc

SKU: MOD.471SH45S8
R3 875,50 incl vat
  • Set Breakdown :
  • GA500A - Wire Terminal Tool
  • LIL46950 - Relay Puller Pliers
  • Soft Grip Terminal Tools :
  • SGTT1B - Use on PCM and transmission harnesses found on Chrysler®, Hyundai®, Kia® and Mitsubishi® vehicles
  • SGTT2B - Provides a robust narrow-width blade with a fulcrum for easier access to the release tabs found on newer terminal blocks
  • SGTT3B - For use on Ford®, GM® (including Cadillac®), Chrysler®, Mitsubishi® and Hyundai® vehicles
  • SGTT4B - Used for cutting open wire harnesses for easy access to troubleshooting and replacement applications
  • SGTT5B - For use on 55-pin ABS ECUs found on Ford®, GM®, Jaguar®, Jeep®, Volvo®, VW®, BMW®, Hyundai®, Kia® and Mercedes® vehicles
  • SGTT6B - For use on 35-pin ABS ECUs found on Audi®, BMW®, Chrysler®, Ford®, GM®, Infiniti®, Isuzu®, Jaguar®, Mazda®, Mercedes-Benz®, Mitsubishi®, Nissan®, Porsche®, Subaru®, Saab®, Volvo® and VW® vehicles