P87150A - True Flush Side Cutter 130mm

SKU: P87150A
R2 542,97 incl vat
  • Features
  • Diagonal cutting pliers with oval head for optimum cutting performance
  • Cutting edge geometry strikes a balance between sturdiness and sharpness resulting in clean cuts that can last for as long as 200,000 cycles
  • Heat-treated frame provides exceptional tool life
  • Hot forged technology aligns grain structure of proprietary alloyed steel to follow the profile of the shanks giving the pliers extraordinary tenacity and toughness
  • Precision grinding in joint greatly reduces friction providing smooth operation without lubrication
  • Screw joint minimizes friction and maximizes jaw alignment
  • Internal torsion spring returns the pliers to the opening position keeping the tools always ready to work while minimizing hand fatigue
  • Staking of the screw threads helps to stop the screw from backing out
  • Specifications :
  • Dimension B, mm 13.8
    Wire Diameter, mm .40–1.60
    Dimension E, mm 1.1
    Country of Origin ESP
    Head Style Oval
    Dimension D, mm 8
    Cut Type True Flush
    Dimension C, mm 15.8
    Dimension A, mm 130