PL347ACF - Talon Grip™ Slip Joint Pliers Set (Red); 3Pc

R4 959,73 incl vat
  • Features
  • Set contains 47ACF, HJ47ACF and LN47ACF Talon Grip™ Slip Joint Pliers in a storage tray
  • Three position joint allows the pliers to keep the jaws parallel which increases the surface area contact with the work piece
  • Talon Grip™ provides up to 57% increase in pulling power, with a relocated joint, optimized handle shape and diamond-serrated jaws
  • Machined, hardened teeth are sharp and strong like file teeth in three different gripping geometries covering an aggressive tooth profile, heavy serrations and fine serrations at the tip
  • FlankJaw™ geometry is designed to load away from the corners on hex nuts and bolts, allowing up to 30% more torque
  • The smooth FlankJaw™ is optimized for grabbing 5/16-1" hex heads; will not destroy or round over the heads
  • Precisely machined slot for effortless position switching and control
  • Manufactured from special cold forged steel with a higher alloy content for greater durability and strength
  • Shear cutter provides a smoother cut with less hand pressure
  • Longer contoured cushion grip handle for increased comfort, control and leverage
  • Three-position patented joint (US Patent #8051749)
  • Country Of Origin - USA