PR51 - Internal Retaining Ring Pliers

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  • Features
  • Spring ratchet lock mechanism minimizes fatigue by allowing ring to be compressed or expanded through gradual moves and then locked at a desired size without continued pressure on the handles
  • Tips mount directly to pliers for maximum stability
  • Spring return
  • High-carbon hardened steel for durability and strength
  • Black Oxide finish resists rust and corrosion
  • Cushion grips
  • Heavy and large rings are safely and easily controlled
  • Specifications :
  • Dimension A, Length, inches9-1/2
    Country of OriginUSA
    Tip Sizes Included, inches (degree).108 (15°), .108 (45°)
    Ring Size Range, inches2-7/16–4
    Tip Kit IncludedPR502
    Optional KitsPR501–PR508
    Tip KitPR50-2, PR50-3
    Length, inches9-1/2
    Dimension B, Shaft/Bore Dia., inches2-7/16–4
    Optional Tip Sizes.108" (0°)