PWCS8 - Wire Stripper/ Cutter/ Crimper/ Bolt Cutter (10-22 Solid Wire)

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  • Features
  • Soft grip handles deliver optimal comfort and control during high-strength gripping
  • Corrosion-resistant finish
  • Laser-hardened cutting edges provide uniform hardness for consistent cutting and edge life
  • Specifications :
  • Strip Sizes, solid10–22
    Crimp Sizes, Insulated10–22
    Replacement Blades
    Dimension A, Length, inches8-1/4
    Country Of OriginUSA
    Crimp Sizes, Non-Insulated10–22 (7–8 mm Ignition Terminals)
    Description (Chart)Wire Stripper/Cutter/Crimper/Bolt Cutter