RADKITULTRA - Cooling Refill / Retention Tool

R17 485,55 incl vat
  • Features
  • Performs both "Coolant Refill" and "Retention", saving significant time on coolant jobs
  • Easy to change from “Refill” to “Retention” so there is no need for two tools, like many competitive products
  • Removes hard-to-reach air pockets that can overheat the vehicle
  • 5' exhaust hose directs coolant mist away from the work area and vehicle for safety
  • Allows the removal of components such as thermostats, temperature sensors and lower radiator hoses—without draining the system
  • Convenient push-button vacuum control valve
  • Protective gauge boot helps prevent damage and scratches
  • Comes in a rugged case for organized storage
  • Vacuum gauge 0-30 in Hg
  • Specifications
  • Air Supply Required, PSI (bar)90-150 (6-10)