SKF80A - 1/2" Drive Dual 80® Technology Stubby Handle Flex-Head Ratchet

R6 241,83 incl vat
  • Features
  • Dual 80® Technology ratchet design features 80-tooth gear with seven teeth in contact with gear to provide strength and durability
  • Flex-head design allows exceptional versatility
  • Stubby handle provides access in tight applications
  • Sealed head keeps lubricants in and contaminants out for longer life
  • Contoured handle for comfort and control
  • Chrome finish for easy cleanup
  • Rugged reverse lever increases tool longevity
  • Provides access and leverage to difficult-to-reach fasteners located in tight spaces
  • Specifications :
  • Joint Repair Kit RKRSX936JT
    Dimension C, Length, inches 7-1/2
    Repair Kit RKRS80A
    Locking Mechanism Repair Kit
    Swing Arc, degrees 4.5
    Replacement Grip
    Country of Origin USA
    Gear Teeth 80
    ASME®/ANSI® B107.10
    Description (Chart) Stubby Handle Flex-Head Ratchet
    Finish Chrome
    Dimension B, Head Width, inches 1-5/8
    Square Drive, inches 1/2
    Dimension A, Head Depth, inches 3/4
    Replacement Cover Plate S80A2