SVTSRAD272A - Vacuum Cooling System Filler

R10 212,00 incl vat
  • Features
  • The cooling system refiller provides a benchmark in pumping speed and system evacuation
  • The Venturi creates a maximum vacuum of 28.2 Hg, translating to 14% less air remaining within the cooling system; a significant improvement over the previous
  • Snap-on® model
  • Evacuation pumping speed has been improved to 2.6 CFM over the existing 2.0 CFM standard of other units, resulting in a 30% increase in speed
  • Refill the system faster than ever with a refill rate of 22.7 seconds/gallon—a 23% increase in speed
  • Works with all existing TA* and TAB* cooling adaptors—available separately for virtually all import and US vehicles
  • Eliminates cooling system air locks that can cause overheating
  • Ideal for vehicle-specific shops or municipal garages
  • Able to use the adaptors provided with the SVTS272
  • Gauge includes an internal shock resistance feature and protective rubber boot to assure an accurate reading
  • Includes a main body assembly, Venturi and hose assembly, suction hose assembly and instruction manual with complete adaptor list