TM77 - 1/4" Drive 20-Tooth Ratchet Adaptor

R3 221,99 incl vat
  • Features
  • 1/4" drive male/female ends with knurled surface for finger tightening and removal
  • Nickel-chrome plating helps protect against corrosion and makes it easy to wipe clean
  • Specifications :
  • Joint Repair Kit
    Repair Kit
    Replacement Coverplate
    Locking Mechanism Repair Kit
    Replacement Grip
    Country of Origin USA
    Gear Teeth 20
    ASME®/ANSI® B107.10
    Description (Chart) 20-Tooth Adaptor
    Finish Chrome
    Swing Arc 18
    Head Width 1-5/8" (41mm)
    Square Drive, inches 1/4
    Head Depth 15/16" (24mm)