WINS240R - Flexible Wire Insertion Tool Kit (Red); 3pc

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  • Features
  • Flexible shafts allow the user to install/remove wires around obstacles
  • Prevents damage to delicate wire sheathing
  • Handle is interchangeable with the WINS100 Series straight tube shafts
  • 4.5 mm shaft diameter shaft has the ability to hold a tight radius
  • Includes a storage tray
  • Specifications
  • Country Of OriginKOR
    WINS24FS Flex Shaft Length, iches (mm)24 (609.6)
    Replacement HandleWINS1R
    WINS12FS Flex Shaft Length, iches (mm)12 (304.8)
    Handle Length, inches (mm)4 (101.6)
    Flex Shaft Diameter, mm4.5
    Weight. lb (kg)1-1/4 (.56)