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XXFEB240 STORM RAINBOW 10 drawer Wide Rollcab with FREE Personalised Laser Marking on tools supplied in Modular Sets

Manufacturer part number: KRA2210KZUS-RB-WO
R33 798,50 incl vat

R27 588,50 incl vat
  • Sturdy Drawer Design: Rolled edges and a rear flange on the drawers offer a solid feel, especially under load.
  • Protection for Surroundings: Two shot-molded rubber/nylon corner bumpers to protect nearby objects and maintain a professional appearance.
  • Security: Features a full-length two-point locking lid and a separate manual rear lock rod for the drawers.
  • Large Storage Capacity: Perfect for storing large, bulky items.
  • Work Surface Design: Dual work surfaces are embossed inward around the edges to prevent tools and parts from rolling off.
  • Safety Bumpers: Soft safety bumpers on each corner to help protect vehicles and shop equipment.