XXMAY210 Green Cushion Grip Long Nose Plier (200mm) Includes Magnetic Pick-up Tool

Manufacturer part number: 96ACFG + PT5C
R2 075,75 incl vat

R1 483,50 incl vat
  • Perfectly aligned jaw tips feature machined rather than stamped teeth for precise gripping strength with positive control
  • Rounded jaw edges minimize wire nicks when making loops or bends
  • Talon Grip™ provides up to 57% increase in pulling power, with a relocated joint, optimized handle shape and diamond-serrated jaws
  • Machined, hardened teeth are sharp and strong like file teeth
  • Ramped tips for better accessibility - 26% stronger jaw tips
  • Manufactured from special cold forged steel with a higher alloy content for greater durability and strength