YAKS42G - Butane Gas Soldering Iron Kit (25–130 W); Green

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  • Features
  • Includes attachments for soldering, hot air, hot knife and plastic welding
  • All-in-one ignition switch with one-handed ignition operation
  • Includes special tips to cut and weld multiple plastic types
  • Fuel adjustment knob, conveniently located in the back of handle, provides quick temperature adjustment
  • Quick-release connector allows for fast changing of accessory tips without waiting for the tip to cool
  • Magnetic stand, integrated into the bottom of tool, allows for vertical storage on side of the toolbox
  • Fuel gauge window on both sides of the handle
  • Cap safely shuts off the unit and protects the tip from accidental contact
  • Soldering tips are iron and nickel plated with ceramic-coated metal catalyst and finished with a solder dip
  • Unique storage solution neatly holds the torch, solder tube and accessories
  • Product is non-returnable and may contain Butane which can explode unexpectedly; dispose of Butane in accordance within local regulations